Thursday, April 16, 2015

big bright beautiful world

on sunday the school put on it's middle school drama performance of shrek the musical. the music director invited the 3rd and 4th grade chorus to participate. this gave the students a taste of what the drama elective is like and hopefully gets them excited to participate.

jordan was in the musical when he was in middle school. he played a nerd in grease. andrew played a mini white rabbit in alice in wonderland and an oompa loompa in willy wonka. now it is sofia's turn to  sing and act, and i think she's caught the bug.

the thing with drama is that it takes a lot of time and dedication with rehearsals. the boys were not into that, but sofia didn't seem to mind. she rehearsed with the big kids once a week and then attended a few saturday rehearsals throughout the year.

she was given the part of little ogre and she also played a bird. no lines, no solos, but she took direction and made the most of her role as a sad little ogre being sent out into the big bad world. we've seen her light up on stage before and it's exciting to see her get over the nerves and enjoy herself up there.

she got to experience the whole process from the make up room, wardrobe, hilarity backstage as everyone gets into place, technical rehearsals, and then the big show.

we had a row of guests in the audience to see her 3 minute time on stage and we all applauded with enthusiasm.

the performance was outstanding. the kids all did amazing jobs and the talent was wide spread. lots of great singers, funny actors, and just plain bright personalities. what a show!

it's a group effort getting this show running.  from the costumes, make up, feeding and wrangling all of these kids, the choreography, singing and acting coaches. teachers, volunteers, parents and students worked so hard and it showed.

we are so proud of our little ogre and we look forward to seeing her in next year's production.  bravo sofia!

Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 weekly menu #16

this weekend we had some free time after dropping off sofia at rehearsal for the play. the perfect thing to do was to take bobby to see a movie at cineopolis of course. we watched while we're young, ate grilled chicken paninis and pork tacos and reclined in our comfy chairs. we related to the movie in so many ways as two 40something year olds trying to figure themselves out. we thoroughly enjoyed it.

this week we are booked and double booked. we have two movie screenings, of the same movie, a mother's guild meeting, a softball game, a baseball game, two swim meets and a music festival. and that is just monday to friday.

i have no idea how the menu will hold up this week but we'll take it one day at a time.

weekend eats
saturday: chinese and sushi
sunday: melody's after the school musical

making this week
monday: spaghetti and meatballs
tuesday: slow cooker tacos al pastor
wednesday: chicken, mashed potatoes and salad
thursday: bbq chicken wraps
friday: pizza

this is such an exciting week for us with the movie opening on friday (gulp) and the super fun musical the school put on yesterday. lots to share. but right now i'll get my run in and get to the grocery store.

happy monday!

Friday, April 10, 2015

around here | april

over spring break last week andrew had his eye check up. all is good and he just needs a slight adjustment to his prescription. the only problem was that we couldn't decide on the frames.

we had these delicious pancakes at bea bea's in burbank. they were pretty fantastic. the pancakes themselves were some of the best i've ever had. and then you add banana, peanut butter, whipped cream and crushed oreos and they are over the top. but be warned, our service was not the best. i guess you can't have everything.

we are all practicing baseball and softball. batting, pitching, fielding. it's a family affair.

and we are hiking. on good friday we met up with some friends and hiked to sandstone peak. i'm not sure how many miles we hiked but the first half was mostly uphill and hot - we started around noon. the top is the highest point in the santa monica mountains with a spectacular view.

we also went to our first seder dinner at our friend's house. i really enjoyed listening to the history and traditions that are celebrated during this time.  we enjoyed dinner and i tried matzo ball soup for the first time. it was my favorite part of the meal. if anyone wants to share their recipe i'm taking suggestions. or better yet send some over.

sofia and i went to see cinderella at cinepolis with my mom and sister. it was a birthday gift to each of us and i think it has changed us in the best way possible. she loved the reclining leather seats.

i loved the cheese platter that they bring right to your seat. bobby and i will definitely have to come back and enjoy a glass of wine with our next movie. (and we thought cinderella was so good.)

we had a lovely easter brunch at my sister and brother-in-law's house. i made scalloped potatoes to go with the eggs, ham, monkey bread and mimosas.

we've emptied out all of the contents of the plastic easter eggs...into our bellies.  we had a simple egg hunt at home. the easter bunny brought more legos and video games for the kids.

for dinner we had lemon garlic chicken that was delicious. such a great spring recipe to make again.

my mother in law brought pictures from when her family went to disneyland.  they grew up in orange county and were able to get to disneyland during the early years. i love these photos and seeing all of the aunts and uncles as little kids. can you imagine taking 6 kids to the park now?!

we are super excited to see the school's musical performance this weekend. they are doing shrek the musical. sofia will sing in the chorus and has a mini role as the young shrek. i had to dust off my sewing machine to make her a pair of plaid pants and a vest. thank goodness i have some skill with the machine and making basic pieces, with no pattern. just don't pull any loose threads...

during jordan's spring break he is swimming, playing drums and video games. yesterday i picked him up and took him and bobby to lunch at hugo's. i won a gift certificate last year that gave us two meals complete with appetizers. the spring rolls and the vegan nachos were amazing. the sauce on the nachos is made with cashews, instead of cheese. even jordan loved them.

around here we are taking breaks, making progress, and having fun!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

just a thought

in honor of beyond the reach being released this month - april 17 for those keeping track - i decided to write out some of my favorite movie quotes for my art journaling.

i also wanted to point out how challenging it has been for me to do this art journal.  one of my guidelines in doing this was to not criticize myself and just let it be. but i look at my work and can't get past the mistakes, inconsistencies and sometimes bad choices. i usually like little pieces of each page but rarely the entire page as it is. 

i find that a lot of times it's my impatience that gets me the less than desired result. like not waiting for the water color to dry before writing the quote in pen and watching the ink spread. or closing my book when the ink is still wet and then getting black spots all over the other page.

but i'm getting there and making something and working on it. there are life lessons to be learned and i'm open to them.

Monday, April 6, 2015

2014 weekly menu #15

spring break is over for two kids and just starting for one.  it's kind of nice to space it out like this but it'd be hard if we were planning a trip - which we aren't.  so we get to enjoy a slower pace for one more week.

we had some great food this past week. those amazing chocolate, banana and oreo pancakes, matzo ball soup, ham, some jelly beans, some peeps, some movie popcorn. it was a good food week for us.

i am keeping it nice and simple this week - unless i decide on this gnocchi dish for wednesday.

weekend eats
saturday: chinese take out
sunday: lemon chicken breasts, rice pilaf, spinach and strawberry salad

making this week
monday: caldo de pollo - we're feeling a little sniffly
tuesday: steak and blue cheese salad
wednesday: gnocchi with marinara, salad
thursday: eat out
friday: pizza

hope you had a happy easter or you're enjoying passover. either way hope you are eating well.

Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 weekly menu #14

friday evening snack, minus the salami when we realized it was friday.
we are so excited to be on spring break this week.  we get to sleep in a little and enjoy the day a lot. we're planning some playdates, movie watching, maybe swimming or beach day, along with the organization, eye appointments and showers. we still have baseball and softball this week but it will be a much easier pace.

last week our menu looked nothing like i had planned.  we ate out once, moved the dinners around, had egg burritos and cereal instead of what i had planned  (that was a good dinner).  some weeks are like that. i plan the menu but things change as the week moves along. i've learned to go with it.

weekend eats
saturday: tried a new mexican place but it was not worth it - we'll stick with what we know and love
sunday: sushi and menchie's

making this week
monday: pasta with meat sauce
tuesday: cobb salad
wednesday: pork chops with balsamic roasted vegetables and gorgonzola
thursday: calzones, salad
friday: passover with friends (this was on the menu a few weeks ago and then i realized i had the date wrong. thank goodness we didn't show up at their house 2 weeks early.)

hope your enjoying some time off too.